Nessus Agent Scan of Azure Virtual Instances

Tenable‘s Nessus Agents provide the ability to perform local scans on instances within the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Nessus Agent Scans, which are configured, managed, and updated through or Nessus Manager, help identify vulnerabilities, compliance violations, misconfigurations, and malware.

Download Nessus Agents from the Tenable Downloads site, install it on an instance running in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, and link it to or Nessus Manager.

Note: Agents can be installed on your target(s) manually, via Group Policy, SCCM, or other third-party software deployment applications.

Nessus Agents are linked to or Nessus Manager in the same manner as linking to a secondary scanner. Prior to installing Nessus Agents, you must acquire the Agent Key from within or Nessus Manager.

  1. To acquire the Agent Key, log in to or Nessus Manager..

  2. Click Settings > Scanners > Agents > Linked.

  3. A key is generated for the Nessus Agents to link to the scanner.

For more information on installing and configuring Nessus Agents, refer to the Nessus User Guide.