Configure a Tenable OT Security Account

Connect to OT Security by creating the account configuration.

Note: The OT Security integration is available for Splunk add-on version 6.3.0 and later.

Account Creation

Complete the following steps to configure your account:

  1. Navigate to the Tenable Add-on for Splunk > Configuration.

  2. Under the Account tab click Add.

  3. Select Tenable OT Security (ICP) in the Tenable Account Type drop-down.

  4. Enter a name in the Account Name field.

  5. Enter the FQDN or IP of your server for this account without scheme (http:// or https://) in the Address field.

  6. Enter your API secret in the API Secret field.

    Note: For more information on API keys, see Generate an API Key.

  7. (Optional If you are using a proxy, click the Proxy Enable checkbox and complete the proxy fields.

  8. Click Add to save the configuration.