Asset Classes

Classes are how Tenable Inventory groups assets. Because each asset has a different business purpose, classes allow you to easily separate asset data based on its type to get the most out of your analytics.

The asset class types used in Tenable Inventory are as follows:



All Assets All assets from all sources, including third-party.
Account The Identity login account for a software resource.
Container Container image (e.g., Docker images).

Computing devices with a network stack (i.e., IP address) that could, theoretically, be a target of a Nessus scan, including the following:

  • Traditional VM/Tenable Vulnerability Management hosts
  • Active Directory "computer" object classes
  • Cloud runtimes instances, such as EC2 instances
  • OT devices
  • ASM
Group A grouping of persons or other groups.
Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure as Code (e.g., Terraform, Cloud Formation).

Other Resource General computing resources. This is a general class for all resources, including cloud runtime resources and non-host, non-identity AD assets.
Person A person or service with accounts on a software resource.
Resource An entity that an identity, Group, or Role has permissions to.
Role Target for permissions that can be granted to persons and groups.
Web Application Customer applications exposed on the internet .