In Tenable Inventory, you can add your own business context to assets by tagging them with descriptive metadata. An asset tag is primarily composed of a Category:Value pair. For example, if you want to group your assets by location, create a Location category with the value Headquarters. For more information about tag structure, see Tag Format and Application.

The Tags view allows you to view and manage all of your tags. You can quickly identify your number of tags, their related assets, and analyze the origin of each tag.

To access the Tags view:

  1. Access the Inventory View view.

    The Assets view appears by default.

  2. Click the Assets drop-down.

    A menu appears.

  3. Click Tags.

    The Tags view appears.

In the Tags view, you can:

  • View the total number of tags within your container.

  • View the total number of tag categories within your container.

  • Manage your tags:

  • Use the Search box to search for a specific tag value or tag category in the list.

  • View a list of your tags, including the following information:

    • Tag name — The name of the tag value or tag category.

    • CES — The Cyber Exposure Score for the tag value or tag category. The CES represents Cyber Exposure risk as an integer between 0 and 1000, based on the Asset Exposure Score (AES) values for the assets to which the tag is applied. Higher CES values indicate higher risk.

    • Related Assets — The number of assets to which the tag is applied.

    • Weaknesses — The weaknesses associated with the asset. For more information, see Weaknesses.

    • Last updated — The date on which a user last updated the tag.

    • Click See details to view more details about a tag. For more information, see View Tag Details.