Delete an LCE Client

When you delete an LCE client on the Clients page, the LCE client is not uninstalled from its host, only removed from the client table. If the LCE client was authorized, the authorization will be revoked when it is deleted.

To delete a client on the Clients page:

  1. Log in to Log Correlation Engine via the user interface.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Clients.

    The Clients page appears, displaying the client table.

  3. In the client table, in the rows corresponding to the LCE clients that you want to delete, select the check boxes.

  4. Above the client table, in the upper-left corner, click the Actions button, and then click Delete.

    The Delete dialog box appears.

  5. Review the list of LCE clients that will be deleted, and then click the Delete button.

    The LCE clients are removed from the client table. If any of those clients were authorized, that authorization is revoked.