Queries Against Archived Snapshots

You can query events from a silo in archiveDb if it was archived by LCE Server 6.0.6 or later. For more information, see Silo Archiving.

Tip: Use the output of archival-manager --list-snapshots to determine which LCE Server version archived the snapshot. For more information about archival-manager, see Tools.

When you select a date range in Tenable.sc using the Archived view, LCE Server temporarily restores the archived silo into activeDb. This automated process can take several minutes. Therefore, expect a higher than usual latency for the first query against a particular archived silo. Subsequent queries should exhibit normal latency.

Switching between the Active view and Archived view in Tenable.sc does not remove the archived silo currently occupying the temporary restore slot. For best performance, complete all desired queries against one archived silo before selecting another. For more information about event analysis in Tenable.sc, see Event Analysis in the Tenable.sc User Guide.