Appliance Migration - 3.x to 4.x

This document provides instructions on how to upgrade from Tenable Appliance 3.10.1 to the latest version.

The migration steps will require:

  • Upgrade to Tenable Appliance version 3.10.1.
  • Disk migration to 4.2 and upgrade to the most recent version (3.X > upgrade to 3.10.1 > migrate to 4.2 > upgrade to latest).

Migration Steps

  1. Upgrade to Tenable Appliance 3.10.1 using the TenableAppliance -3.10.1-5-update.tar via the Administration > Updates page.

    Note: All upgrade files are located here. (You may have to log in before being directed to the upgrade files page.)

  2. Install and configure another virtual image running Tenable Appliance v 4.2.
  3. Attach the drives from Appliance 3.10.1 to Appliance 4.2 and complete the import process, as described in Virtual Image Migration.

    • Click here for steps on attaching drives in VMware.
    • Click here for steps on attaching drives in Hyper-V.
  4. Upgrade 4.2 to the latest 4.X version.
  5. Click the Check for Updates button to install any patches.

When importing data in step 3, you may receive an import error due to version mismatch on Tenable Security Center. Please note that Version 3.10.1 can update OTA to include a version of Tenable Security Center that is more recent than the version that ships on version 4.2. To remedy this, update Tenable Security Center via the Appliance GUI, or manually update the Appliance to version 4.3 or 4.4, then run the import again.

Note: For instructions on updating the OTA, see Updates.

  • Prior to performing the migration, it is recommended to make a backup of the current virtual image. This provides a recovery option if there is an issue during the migration process.
  • Depending on the amount of data currently on the virtual image, the migration process may take several hours to complete while the data is being copied between the old and new disks.
  • This process only migrates data for the Tenable applications that were previously installed. System configuration settings from the previous Appliance are not migrated. The password you set on the new virtual image won’t be replaced with data from the attached disks. You can restore a System Configuration backup (by uploading or using one on the attached disks) if you want to restore those settings.

    Note: For instructions on restoring a System Configuration backup, see Restore from File.

  • Due to differences in products, platforms, and versions, the steps described here are written for general use. The specific wording of options varies depending on the software being used.
  • A migration option is available on the wizard if the drives are attached for import before launching the Appliance image.