Back Up Appliance

This documentation is end-of-life (EOL) due to the Tenable Appliance product EOL.

Regular backups of Tenable Appliance data help to ensure redundancy and data recovery in the event of system failure.

  • A Whole Appliance backup backs up appliance configurations and all application data.
  • A System Configuration backup backs up the Tenable Virtual Appliance configuration. No application data is backed up.

  • An application backup backs up all application data and configuration.

To back up application data on the Tenable Appliance:

  1. Log in to the Tenable Appliance.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Backup.

    The Backup Appliance page appears.

  3. In the Take Backup of drop-down box, select the application you want to back up.

  4. Click Take Backup.

    The Proceed with generating backup page appears.

  5. Click Take Backup.

    The backup completes and the Backup Appliance page reappears. The completed backup appears in the Available Backups section.

  6. In the Available Backups section, select the completed backup you want to download.
  7. Click Download Backup to download a backup.

    The backup downloads.

Automated Backups

You can set up Automated Backups by selecting the Enabled option in the Automated Backups section.

  1. Click the edit icon () to set the time month, day of the week, hour and minute for the automatic backups.
  2. Click Store Automated Backups drop down list option to select the location to store the backups.
  3. Click Save Schedule button to confirm your selections.

    A green bar will display at the top of the screen indicating the system successfully saved your automated backup.

Note: The automatic backup feature deletes the backup from the Appliance local disk after the transfer succeeds.

Remote Backup Location

The Automated Backups section provides an option to store backups at a remote location. To use this feature, the Remote Backup Location must be configured. The table below provides descriptions for the items that need to be entered. After the information has been entered, click Save Remote Config.

Option Description
Remote Backup Location This is the location where the backup is sent. (supports SCP)
Destination Path This is the location on the machine (file path location).
SSH Known Host File

This is the SSH public (host) key of the server the Appliance connects to. Enter an SSH Private Key.

Note: The SSH Key must be passphrase protected.

Port This is the port that is connecting to the Appliance.
Authentication This information is required to access the system. Enter the Username and either a Passphrase or SSH Private Key. (The SSH Private Key is preferred.)

Note: Backups must be scheduled when no jobs are running and the system is in an idle state.