Expand Virtual Disk - Hyper-V

The Tenable Appliance supports expanding the virtual hard disk to increase the storage capacity of the Appliance.

Note: The instructions provided here are to be used as guidelines. The specifics may be slightly different for your environment. Please refer to the appropriate Hyper-V manual for your environment.

Locate Disk to be Expanded

Power off your VM and navigate to the settings of your VM host. Two hard drives will be configured. The first disk is named OS.vhd and should not be altered unless instructed to by Tenable Support. The second drive, named Data.vhd, is the disk to choose for expansion.

Note: Once you increase the size of the virtual drive, it cannot be reduced later. Additionally, do not expand it to a size larger than your physical storage can accommodate.

Click on the Edit button for the properties of the disk. Select Expand from the Choose Action option, and select Next to display the screen to select the new size. Enter the new size value and click Finish to close the window and expand the drive to the new size.

Ignore Repartition Notice

Once the process completes you may be presented with a dialog box indicating that you must repartition and expand the file system on the guest operating system.

Note: Disregard this notice as the Tenable Appliance will apply the required changes on its next boot.

Boot Appliance

Once the process is complete you can boot your Tenable Appliance VM and make use of the additional space on the newly expanded disk.