Expand Virtual Disk - VMware

The Tenable Appliance supports expanding the virtual hard disk to increase the storage capacity of the Appliance. Follow the steps described in this appendix to expand your virtual disk.

Note: The instructions provided here are to be used as guidelines. Two VMware products are described here: VMware Player and the vSphere Client. Due to differing VMware platforms, products, and versions, the specifics may be slightly different for your environment. Please reference the appropriate VMware manual for your environment.

Locate Disk to be Expanded

Power off your VM and navigate to the properties of your VM host. There you will find two hard disks. The first one, labeled Hard Disk (SCSI), is 20 GB in size. The second drive, labeled Hard Disk 2 (SCSI), is 30/180 GB in size by default and is the disk to choose for expansion.

Note: Once you increase the size of the virtual drive, you cannot reduce it later. Additionally, do not expand it to a larger size than your physical hard disk can store.