Restore from File

This documentation is end-of-life (EOL) due to the Tenable Appliance product EOL.

If you have previously saved the Appliance configuration to a file, you can restore the configuration by selecting the file from the Choose File button and selecting the Whole Appliance or individual application to be restored from the drop-down box. If the application is not contained in the backup file selected, no restore operation will be completed. Supported versions of the backups that may be restored are listed on the screen.

To restore a backup to an Appliance that has enabled applications contained in the backup:

  1. From the Backup tab, scroll to the Restore from File section, and select Only Nessus from the drop-down box.
  2. Navigate to the Nessus Only backup file, and click Upload Backup File.
  3. Click the Backup Existing or Restore Backup button.
  4. Click the Discard Existing and Backup button.

Note: When restoring a backup file from a previous version of Tenable software, it will be upgraded to the currently installed version on the Appliance.