Tenable Appliance to Tenable Core Migration Overview

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

Note: The Tenable Appliance is an end-of-life product. For more information, see the bulletin. Tenable recommends migrating your Tenable Appliance deployments to Tenable Core.

Tip: If you encounter issues with the migration, contact Tenable Support.

The Tenable Appliance to Tenable Core migration process varies depending on your current Tenable Appliance deployment and your desired Tenable Core deployment.

You must migrate instances of Tenable Appliance individually to Tenable Core. Tenable does not support a bulk migration for multiple instances.

Application Migration Order

If you have multiple Tenable Appliance instances supporting different applications, Tenable recommends migrating in the following order:

  1. All Tenable Appliance + Tenable.sc instances
  2. All Tenable Appliance + Nessus instances
  3. All Tenable ApplianceNessus Network Monitor instances

To plan your migration order and methods and get started with the migration, see Get Started.