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Perform a Backup and Restore Migration

Required Tenable Core User Role: Administrator with reuse my password for privileged tasks selected during login

The Tenable Appliance to Tenable Core migration process varies depending on your current Tenable Appliance deployment and your desired Tenable Core deployment. To confirm the backup and restore method suits your deployment, see Tenable Appliance to Tenable Core Migration Overview.

Before you begin:

To migrate to Tenable Core via the backup and restore method:

  1. Log in to your Tenable Appliance.

  2. In Tenable Appliance, perform a backup as described in, Back Up the Tenable Appliance in the Tenable Appliance User Guide.

    Note: If you have more than one application on your Tenable Appliance instance, you need to back up each application individually. You cannot use Whole Appliance for this backup.

  3. In Tenable Core, deploy and get started.

    Caution: You must migrate your Tenable Appliance application data to a new Tenable Core instance. Tenable does not recommend migrating to an existing Tenable Core instance; the migration overwrites all existing application data.
  4. In Tenable Core, restore your Tenable Appliance backup file.

    The system restores your Tenable Appliance backup to Tenable Core.

  5. If prompted, confirm that you want to upgrade or downgrade your Tenable Core application version to match your Tenable Appliance application version. For more information, see Version Requirements.

    1. Click Install Correct Version.

      A confirmation window appears.

    2. Click Replace.

      Tenable Core installs the correct version of your application.

      The restore widow appears.

    3. Click Restore.

      The system restores your Tenable Appliance backup to Tenable Core.

  6. Review your application data.

    Note: You may need to update your license. If you see Error: Invalid/Expired Activation Code, reupload your application license to Tenable Core.

What to do next:

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