Uninstall a Tenable Nessus Agent on macOS

You can uninstall an agent on macOS by deleting the related agent directories and disabling the agent service.

Before you begin:

To uninstall Tenable Nessus Agent on macOS:

  1. Remove the Tenable Nessus Agent directories. From a command prompt, type the following commands:

    • $ sudo rm -rf /Library/NessusAgent
    • $ sudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.tenablesecurity.nessusagent.plist
    • $ sudo rm -r "/Library/PreferencePanes/Nessus Agent Preferences.prefPane"

    Note: To completely remove Tenable Nessus Agent from the system, you must manually delete the agent filesystem after running the remove command.

  2. Disable the Tenable Nessus Agent service:

    1. From a command prompt, type the following command:

      $ sudo launchctl remove com.tenablesecurity.nessusagent

    2. If prompted, provide the administrator password.

What to do next:

  • If you plan on reinstalling the Tenable Nessus Agent on the system, see the knowledge base article on how to avoid linking errors.