Introduction to Docker

Docker is an open source program that you can use to package software in containers that include everything the software needs to run. Unlike virtual machines, Docker uses container-based virtualization that isolates applications on a shared operating system and reduces the overhead involved with having each guest running a completely installed operating system.

The Nessus Network Monitor (NNM) can be installed either on the host machine or in a Docker container and can be configured to sniff traffic on a Docker network, from one or more Docker containers, or from the host itself.

Note: To use Docker with NNM, NNM must be run in Standard mode.

Helpful Docker Commands



Ctrl-p + Ctrl-q

Disconnects from current interactive container.

docker ps

Lists the current running containers.

docker images

Lists available containers.

docker stop <container>

Stops the specified container.

docker port <container>

Lists the ports exposed on the specified container.

docker network inspect <container>

Displays the net information for the specified container.

docker network ls

Lists the available networks. The Network ID corresponds to the bridge interface on the host.