Offline Update Page Details

When you are working with Nessus offline, use the page.

Based on the steps you are using to Manage Tenable Nessus Offline, the resulting web page includes the following elements:

  • Custom URL: The custom URL displayed downloads a compressed plugins file. This file is used by Nessus to obtain plugin information. This URL is specific to your Nessus license and must be saved and used each time plugins need to be updated.
  • License: The complete text-string starting with -----BEGIN Tenable, Inc. LICENSE----- and ends with -----END Tenable, Inc. LICENSE----- is your Nessus product license information. Tenable uses this text-string to confirm your product license and registration.
  • nessus.license file: At the bottom of the web page, there is an embedded file that includes the license text-string.