Retrieve the Linking Key

Before you begin the Nessus Agents installation process, you must retrieve the Nessus Agent Linking Key from Nessus Manager.

Use this procedure to retrieve the linking key in Nessus Manager.

To retrieve the linking key in Nessus Manager:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Sensors.

    The Linked Agents page appears. By default, Linked Agents is selected in the left navigation menu and the Linked Agents tab is active.

  2. (Optional) To modify the Linking Key, click the button next to the linking key.

    Examples of when you would want to modify a linking key include:

    • You regenerated your linking key and want to revert to a previous linking key.
    • You have a mass deployment script where you want to predefine your linking key.

    Note: The linking key must be a 64-character-alphanumeric string.

  3. Record or copy the Linking Key.

What to do next: