Downgrade Nessus Software

Nessus 8.10.0 and later supports the ability to downgrade Nessus to a previous version of Nessus. You cannot downgrade to a version before 8.10.0.

The following examples describe two scenarios: one scenario where you manually downgrade Nessus software, and one scenario where Nessus automatically downgrades depending on your settings.

Example 1: Manually downgrade Nessus


You are currently running an Early Access release, 8.10.1, and now want to downgrade to the previous version, 8.10.0.


  1. Turn off automatic software updates by doing any of the following:

    • Change your Nessus software update plan as described in Update Nessus Software, set Automatic Updates to Disabled.
    • Modify the advanced setting Automatically Update Nessus (auto_update_ui), as described in Advanced Settings.
  2. Download the version you want to install, 8.10.0.
  3. Manually install Nessus version 8.10.0.

Example 2: Nessus automatically downgrades to align with your update plan

Scenario: Your Nessus Update Plan determines what version Nessus updates to, if you have automatic updates enabled. You set your update plan to Update to the latest GA release and you are currently on Nessus version 8.10.1, the latest generally available (GA) version of Nessus.

However, you change your Nessus Update Plan setting to Delay updates, staying on an older release.

Result: According to your new Nessus update plan, your Nessus version should be an older release than the latest GA version (which you are currently on). Therefore, to align your Nessus version with this setting, Nessus must automatically update to be on an older version, which requires downgrading. Nessus automatically downgrades to 8.10.0, one release before the latest GA version.

Encryption Password

If Nessus has an encryption password, you cannot downgrade by changing the Nessus update plan. Instead, first remove the encryption password from Nessus before you downgrade, then set the encryption password again after the downgrade is complete.