Manage Tenable Nessus Offline

To manage Tenable Nessus offline, you need two computers: the Nessus server, which is not connected to the internet, and another computer that is connected to the internet.

Scenario 1: New Nessus Install

If you want to install Nessus, but, for security purposes, the server is not connected to the internet, then follow the steps to install Nessus while offline. This process downloads and installs Nessus plugins on the offline Nessus server.

Scenario 2: Update Nessus Licensing

If you have an existing Nessus server that is offline, and you want to update Nessus with the new license/activation code, then complete the following steps:

Caution: Tenable recommends saving the custom-offline plugin download URL described in step 5 before continuing to step 6. The URL appears only once after registration. If you close the registration window and forget the URL, you have to restart the registration process to generate a new URL.

  1. Generate Challenge Code.
  2. Generate Your License.
  3. Download and copy the license file (nessus.license).
  4. Register Your License with Nessus.
  5. Download and copy plugins to Nessus.
  6. Install Plugins Manually.
  7. Update Nessus Manager Manually on an Offline System.

Scenario 3: Update Nessus Plugins

You have an existing Nessus server that is offline and you need to update Nessus plugins. In this scenario, you have already completed steps to Install Tenable NessusOffline but you need to install the latest plugins.

In this case, perform the following operations:

  1. Use the Custom URL that you saved and copied during your first offline Download and Copy Plugins operation.
  2. Download and Copy Plugins
  3. Install Plugins Manually

Nessus Offline Operations

For explanation purposes, we provide computers A (offline Nessus server) and B (online computer) to demonstrate operations performed when managing Nessus offline.

Operation Computer A
(Offline Nessus)
Computer B
(Online Computer)
Generate Challenge Code X  
Generate Your License   X
Download and Copy License File (nessus.license)   X
Download and Copy Plugins   X
Download and Copy Plugins X  
Register Your License with Nessus X  
Install Plugins Manually X