Configure a Tenable Nessus Scan for Windows Logins

Tenable Nessus allows you to configure your scan configurations with the credentials needed for Windows logins. You can do so during the Create a Scan process, or you can add credentials to an existing scan configuration.

To configure a Tenable Nessus scan configuration for Windows logins:

  1. In the scan settings, click the Credentials tab.

    The Credentials menu opens.

  2. In the Categories drop-down menu, select Host.

  3. In the Host category, click Windows.

    A Windows credentials pane appears.

  4. Select an authentication method. Depending on the method, the remaining Windows settings change.

  5. Depending on the authentication method, specify the SMB account username, password or hash, and domain.

    To view the Windows credential setting descriptions, see Windows.

  6. Click Save. Tenable Nessus saves the new Windows credentials.