Download Managed Scanner Logs

As an administrator in Tenable Nessus Manager, you can request and download a log file containing logs and system configuration data from any of your managed scanners and Tenable Nessus Agents. This information can help you troubleshoot system problems, and also provides an easy way to gather data to submit to Tenable Support.

You can store a maximum of five log files from each managed scanner in Tenable Nessus Manager. Once the limit is reached, you must remove an old log file to download a new one.

Note: You can only request logs from Nessus scanners running 8.1 and later.

To download logs from a managed scanner:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Sensors.

    The Linked Agents page appears. By default, Linked Agents is selected in the left navigation menu and the Linked Agents tab is active.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Linked Scanners.

    The Scanners page appears and displays the linked scanners table.

  3. In the linked scanners table, click the scanner for which you want to download logs.

    The detail page for that scanner appears.

  4. Click the Logs tab.
  5. In the upper-right corner, click Request Logs.

    Note: If you have reached the maximum of five log files, the Request Logs button is disabled. Remove an existing log before downloading a new one.

    Tenable Nessus Manager requests the logs from the managed scanner the next time it checks in, which may take several minutes. You can view the status of the request in the user interface until the download is complete.

  6. To download the log file, click the file name.

    Your system downloads the log file.

To remove an existing log:

  • In the row of the log you want to remove, click the button.

To cancel a pending or failed log download:

  • In the row of the pending or failed log download that you want to cancel, click the button.