Download Terrascan Results

Once you complete a Terrascan scan in Nessus, you can download the scan results.

Note: If you complete a Terrascan scan while you have a Nessus Expert license and decide to downgrade from Nessus Expert, you can still download the scan's results. However, once you downgrade, you cannot launch any new Terrascan scans.

To download Terrascan results:

  1. Under Resources in the left-side navigation pane, click Terrascan.

    The Terrascan > About page appears.

  2. Below Terrascan, click the Scans tab.

    The Terrascan > Scans page opens.

  3. In the scan table, double-click the scan configuration.

    The configuration's scan history page appears.

  4. In the scan history table under the Results column, click the output type to download the scan results as.

    Note: You can only download the output types that you selected for the Output Format during scan configuration setup.

    The scan results download to your machine in the output type that you clicked on.