Downgrade Nessus Software

Nessus 8.10.0 and later supports the ability to downgrade Nessus to a previous version of Nessus. You cannot downgrade to a version before 8.10.0.

You can downgrade Nessus software manually, or, for you can configure the Nessus Update Plan to automatically downgrade to an older release.

Before you begin:

To downgrade Nessus manually on Linux or macOS:

Note: To manually downgrade Nessus on Windows, contact Tenable support.
  1. Turn off automatic software updates by doing either of the following:

    • Change your Nessus software update plan as described in Update Nessus Software, set Automatic Updates to Disabled.
    • Modify the advanced setting Automatically Update Nessus (auto_update_ui), as described in Advanced Settings.
  2. Use one of the following procedures depending on your operating system:

To configure Nessus to downgrade automatically (Nessus Professional, Nessus Expert, and Nessus scanners only):

  1. In Nessus, in the top navigation bar, click Settings.

    The About page appears.

  2. Click the Software Update tab.
  3. Set the Nessus Update Plan to determine what version Nessus automatically updates to. To automatically downgrade, select Delay updates, staying on an older release.

    Note: If you change your update plan and have automatic updates enabled, Nessus may immediately update to align with the version represented by your selected plan. Nessus may either upgrade or downgrade versions.

    Option Description

    Update to the latest GA release


    Automatically updates to the latest Nessus version when it is made generally available (GA).

    Note: This date is the same day the version is made generally available.

    Opt in to Early Access releases Automatically updates to the latest Nessus version as soon as it is released for Early Access (EA), typically a few weeks before general availability.
    Delay updates, staying on an older release Does not automatically update to the latest Nessus version. Remains on an earlier version of Nessus set by Tenable, usually one release older than the current generally available version, but no earlier than 8.10.0. When Nessus releases a new version, your Nessus instance updates software versions, but stays on a version prior to the latest release.
  4. Click the Save button.

    Nessus saves the update plan.