Scan Results

You can view scan results to help you understand your organization’s security posture and vulnerabilities. Color-coded indicators and customizable viewing options allow you to customize how you view your scan’s data.

You can view scan results in one of several views:

Page Description


In Nessus Manager, the default scan results page shows the Dashboard view.

Scan Summary View a summary of any completed scan in Nessus Professional or any non-Nessus Agent scan in Nessus Manager.


The Hosts page shows all scanned targets.


List of identified vulnerabilities, sorted by severity.


If the scan includes compliance checks, this list shows counts and details sorted by vulnerability severity.

If you configure the scan for compliance scanning, the button allows you to navigate between the Compliance and Vulnerability results.


If the scan's results include Remediation information, this list shows suggested remediations that address the highest number of vulnerabilities.


The Notes page shows additional information about the scan and the scan’s results.


The History shows a listing of scans: Start Time, End Time, and the Scan Statuses.