View Terrascan Passed Rules

Note: You can only launch a Terrascan scan in Tenable Nessus Expert. If you do not have Tenable Nessus Expert, you need to run the Terrascan executable from the command line interface (CLI) to gather scan results.

Once you launch a Terrascan scan and the scan completes, you can view the detected passed rules in Tenable Nessus Expert. Passed rules represent all the scan policies that were checked and passed during the scan.

Before you begin:

To view Terrascan scan passed rules:

  1. Under Resources in the left-side navigation pane, click Terrascan.

    The Scans page appears.

  2. Click the row of the scan you want to view.

    The scan details page appears, and the Violations tab opens by default.

  3. Click the Passed Rules tab.

    The Passed Rules page opens.

The Passed Rules page shows the number of detected passed rules next to the tab header, the scan details, and a list of the found passed rules in a table.

Note: The tab header shows the number of unique passed rules, and the Scan Details section shows the number of total passed rules.

Tenable Nessus Expert shows the following information for each passed rule:

Column Description
Severity The severity level of the passed rule: Low, Medium, or High.

The passed rule category:

  • Compliance Validation

  • Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis

  • Data Protection

  • Encryption and Key Management

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Logging and Monitoring

  • Resilience

  • Security Best Practices

Description The passed rule description.
Version The scan policy version.