Basic Settings for Policies

Note: This topic describes Basic settings you can set in policies. For Basic settings in individual scans, see Basic Settings for Scans.

You can use Basic settings to specify basic aspects of a policy, including who has access to the policy.

The Basic settings include the following sections:


The general settings for a policy.

Setting Default Value Description



Specifies the name of the policy.



(Optional) Specifies a description of the policy.


You can share the policy with other users by setting permissions for users or groups. When you assign a permission to a group, that permission applies to all users within the group.

Permission Description
No Access

(Default user only) Groups and users set to this permission cannot interact with the policy in any way.

Can Use

Groups and users with this permission can view the policy configuration and use the policy to create scans.

Can Edit

In addition to viewing the policy and using the policy to create scans, groups and users with this permission can modify any policy settings except user permissions. However, they cannot export or delete the policy.

Note: Only the policy owner can export or delete a policy.