Uninstall Nessus on Linux

Optional: Export your Scans and Policies

  1. Go to the folder or folders where you store your scans.
  2. Double-click the scan to view its dashboard.
  3. In the upper right corner, select the Export button, and then choose the Nessus DB option.

Stop Nessus Processes

  1. From within Nessus, verify any running scans have completed.
  2. From a command prompt, stop the nessusd daemon.

    Examples: Nessus Daemon Stop Commands

Remove Nessus

  1. Run the remove command specific to your Linux-style operating system.

    Examples: Nessus Remove Commands

  1. Using the command specific to your Linux-style operating system, remove remaining files that were not part of the original installation.

    Examples: Nessus Remove Command

This completes the process of uninstalling the Nessus on the Linux operating systems.