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Navigating Nessus

The Nessus top navigation menu provides you with links to common Nessus actions.

Item Description

Nessus logo

When clicked, the Nessus logo links to the home page. The home page will always be the Scans / My Scans page.


The Scans item directs you to your Scans / My Scans page, which lists scans you have created.


The Policies item directs you to your Policies / All Policies page, which lists policies you have created.


The logged-in user’s name is displayed.

When clicked, the down arrow  displays links to the User Profile, Help & Support (the Tenable Support Portal), What’s New features, and allows you to Sign Out.

The button links you to the Nessus Setting pages: Scanners, Accounts, Communication, and Advanced.

Visibility of and access to general settings and options are determined based on the User Type assigned to the logged-in user’s Nessus Account.

When clicked, the button displays messages related to Nessus operations.

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