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Scan Results

Nessus features rich, flexible, customizable reporting tools.

Using color-coded indicators along with corresponding values, you can quickly assess your scan’s data to help you understand your organization’s health and vulnerabilities.

Navigating Scan Results

Scan reports and dashboard pages are reviewed using common interactive features.

You can:

  • Hover over menu, page, or dashboard elements.
  • Drill into data by clicking on line items or page elements.
  • Use ascending ▲ and descending ▼ sorting controls.
  • Navigate between pages using forward > or back < controls.


  1. Navigate to the Scans / All Scans page.
  2. Select the name of the of scan.


  1. Navigate to the Scans / All Scans page.
  2. Place a check box next to the name of the scan.
  3. Use the More drop-down menu, and then select Configure.

Based on permissions and the scan’s actions, you can Configure the scan, search the scan’s Audit Trail, Launch the scan, or Export the scan’s results.

Option Description


Navigates you back to the scan’s configuration settings.

Audit Trail

Displays the audit trail dialogue.


Display two choices to launch a scan: Default and Custom.

  • Default: This option uses the scan’s pre-configured settings.
  • Custom: This options allows for Customer Scan Targets.


Allows you to export the scan’s result in one of four formats: Nessus (.nessus), HTML, CSV, or Nessus DB (.db).

Nessus DB format is an encrypted, proprietary format, which exports all scan data. A password must be created, and then used when importing the .nessus file type.


When a scan is configured with Dashboard > Enabled, the scan’s results page defaults to the interactive dashboard view.

Based on the type of scan performed and the type of data collected, the dashboard displays key values and trending indicators.

Dashboard Details

Name Description
Current Vulnerabilities

The number of vulnerabilities identified.

Operating System Comparison

The percentage of operating systems identified.

Vulnerability Comparison

The percentage of all vulnerabilities, identified by severity.

Host Count Comparison

The percentage of hosts scanned by credentialed and non-credentialed authorization types: without authorization, new (scan) without authorization, with authorization, and new (scan) with authorization.

Top Vulnerabilities

Top 8 vulnerabilities based on severity.

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