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Nessus UI Software Update Page

Actions related to Nessus components and the latest plugins for Nessus are performed by using the Software Update page or via the Update Nessus Software.

To access the Software Update page, use the button.

Manual Software Update

At the top of the Software Update page, you can opt to use the Manual Software Update button.

When you select this method of software update, Nessus performs a one-time update.

Manual Software Update Options

  • Update all components
  • Update plugins (only)

    Note: If you select the Update plugins option, the scanner receives plugin updates, but does not receive feature or operational updates for the Nessus UI or the Nessus engine. Selecting this option prevents new features and functionality from being displayed and or and becoming operational.

  • Upload your own plugin archive

    A plugin archive is a compressed TAR file that is created and downloaded when you Manage Nessus Offline and Download and Copy Plugins. For more information, see Install Plugins Manually.

    Tip: Manual Software Update can be used in conjunction with Automatic Updates.

Automatic Updates

  • Update all components
  • Update plugins
  • Disabled

Update Frequency

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Select the button next to Update Frequency interval to customize the update frequency by any number of hours.

Plugin Feed

You can opt to provide a specific Plugin Feed host. For example, if plugins must be updated from a site residing in the U.S., you can specify “”.

Note: If you are using Nessus offline, see the Manage Nessus Offline section.

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