Scan and Policy Settings

Scan or Policy Settings are organized into collections of configuration items, specifically Basic, Discovery, Assessment, Report, and Advanced settings. Each of these collections are subdivided into further sections. For example, the Basic settings include the General, Schedule, Notifications, and Permissions sections. Additionally, the sections may contain groups of related configuration items. For example, the Host Discovery section contains the General Settings, Ping Methods, Fragile Devices, Wake-on-LAN, and Network Type groups.

The following sections of the documentation are organized to reflect the interface. For example, if you wanted to find information about the General section (3 in the previous image) of the Basic settings (2 in the previous image) that appears when you select the Settings tab (1 in the previous image), you should locate the table labeled General in the Basic topic. The tables include subheadings to reflect groups of related configuration items that appear in a particular section.

The following settings exist for each policy, though available configuration items may vary based on the selected template: