Users can select SNMPv3 settings from the Credentials menu and enter credentials for scanning systems using an encrypted network management protocol.

These credentials are used to obtain local information from remote systems, including network devices, for patch auditing or compliance checks.

There is a field for entering the SNMPv3 user name for the account that will perform the checks on the target system, along with the SNMPv3 port, security level, authentication algorithm and password, and privacy algorithm and password.

If Nessus is unable to determine the community string or password, it may not perform a full audit of the service.

Option Description


The username for a SNMPv3 based account.


Direct Nessus to scan a different port if SNMP is running on a port other than 161.

Security level

Select the security level for SNMP: authentication, privacy, or both.

Authentication algorithm

Select MD5 or SHA1 based on which algorithm the remote service supports.

Authentication password

The password for the username specified.

Privacy algorithm

The encryption algorithm to use for SNMP traffic.

Privacy password

A password used to protect encrypted SNMP communication.