Report Scan Settings

The Report scan settings include the following groups of settings:

Setting Default Value Description

Override normal verbosity


When disabled, provides the standard level of plugin activity in the report. The output does not include the informational plugins 56310, 64582, and 58651.

When enabled, this setting has two options:

  • I have limited disk space. Report as little information as possible — Provides less information about plugin activity in the report to minimize impact on disk space.
  • Report as much information as possible — Provides more information about plugin activity in the report. When this option is selected, the output includes the informational plugins 56310, 64582, and 58651.

Show missing patches that have been superseded


When enabled, includes superseded patch information in the scan report.

Hide results from plugins initiated as a dependency


When enabled, the list of dependencies is not included in the report. If you want to include the list of dependencies in the report, disable this setting.


Allow users to edit scan results


When enabled, allows users to delete items from the report. When performing a scan for regulatory compliance or other types of audits, disable the setting to show that the scan was not tampered with.

Designate hosts by their DNS name


Uses the host name rather than IP address for report output.

Display hosts that respond to ping


Reports hosts that successfully respond to a ping.

Display unreachable hosts


When enabled, hosts that did not reply to the ping request are included in the security report as dead hosts. Do not enable this option for large IP blocks.

Display Unicode characters Disabled

When enabled, Unicode characters appear in plugin output such as usernames, installed application names, and SSL certificate information.

Note: Plugin output may sometimes incorrectly parse or truncate strings with Unicode characters. If this issue causes problems with regular expressions in plugins or custom audits, disable this setting and scan again.