Help Commands

Required User Role: User with administrator privileges

You can get help to see available commands on the nessuscli tool, as well as get help for a specific command.

To see and copy the full command for your specific operating system, see the Command Quick Reference.


To display the command line usage for the Agent nessuscli tool, type the following:

# nessuscli help

The output will display as follows:

Usage: nessuscli command [options]

Usage: nessuscli command help


Fix Commands:

- fix [--secure] --list

- fix [--secure] --set <name=value>

- fix [--secure] --get <name>

- fix [--secure] --delete <name>

- fix --list-interfaces

- fix --reset


Local Agent Commands:

- agent link --key=<key> [--name=<name>] [--groups=<group1,group2,...>] [--ca-path=<ca_file_name>] [host] [proxy]

- agent unlink

- agent status


Bug Reporting Commands:

- bug-report-generator

- bug-report-generator --quiet [--full] [--scrub]

Command Quick Reference

For the full command for your operating system, see the following: