Local Agents Commands

Required User Role: User with administrator privileges

To see and copy the full command for your specific operating system, see the Command Quick Reference.


You can link agents, unlink agents, and get a report on the status of the agent.

Link and Unlink the Nessus Agent

The nessuscli agent link command links the agent to Tenable Nessus Manager, using the manager linking key.

# nessuscli agent link --key=00b5a8fec9f3a21fa1cff66ce99c6324adf324226948c6f1516eb9f9433b964744

Required arguments:




Optional arguments:










Success or failure messages

Once the agent is successfully linked, you will see the following output:

# nessuscli agent link --key=00b5a8fec9f3a21fa1cff66ce99c6324adf324226948c6f1516eb9f9433b964744 --groups= Workstation --host=ndev3 --port=8834

Agent successfully linked

If there were issues connecting the Agent to the Manager, you will see a Failed to link the agent message.

# nessuscli agent link --key=00abd4c487c472edb77cea8a14bb8c603a88203a2e6bf1f6df46159b5ad5ef18df --name=Workstation --groups=Accounting --host= --port=8834

Failed to link the agent:

Check the Nessus Agent Status

The Nessus agent status will show you if an agent is linked, and how many jobs are pending if it is linked.

# nessuscli agent status

Agent linked

0 jobs pending

If the Nessus agent is not linked, the status will show that it is not linked to any servers.

# nessuscli agent status

Agent not linked to a server

If the Nessus Agent is linked, the status will show the IP address of the connected server and port:

# nessuscli agent status

Agent is linked to

0 jobs pending

Command Quick Reference

For the full command for your operating system, see the following: