BlueCoat ProxySG Compliance Check

Plugin ID: 70470

The BlueCoat ProxySG plugin scans and audits the configuration of the BlueCoat ProxySG target.

The plugin supports connecting directly through SSH to the BlueCoat ProxySG target and pulling the full running configuration.

The audit includes checks for the syslog configuration, SNMP settings, intercepted protocols, general settings, password settings, authentication methods, and more. To audit a device, admin SSH credentials and enable credentials via the cisco enable option are required.

Note that a full configuration dump suitable for backups is available on these devices via the show configuration expanded noprompts with-keyrings unencrypted command. However, this is not used to avoid the plaintext passwords being included in the Nessus KB.

Learn more about the BlueCoat ProxySG plugin:

Scan Requirements


The plugin requires SSH credentials for online scanning. Escalation via the enable command is supported.


You must have the permissions needed to run a show configuration expanded noprompts command.

Some audits may have requirements to run additional commands.

Offline Scanning

The plugin supports offline scanning of BlueCoat ProxySG configurations. No permissions or credentials are required for offline scanning, but the results produced will not be associated directly with any asset. Instead, the results display the name of the configuration filename in the Hosts field.

To run an offline scan, upload the BlueCoat ProxySG configuration as a .txt file to the scan or policy.

To upload a file for offline scanning:

  1. Log in to an existing BlueCoat ProxySG target (for example, via SSH).

  2. Run the following command: show configuration expanded noprompts.

  3. Copy the output to a .txt file.

  4. (Optional) To analyze multiple configurations, place each file in a .zip file.

  5. In the scan or policy with the BlueCoat ProxySG audit, upload the .txt or .zip file to ProxySG config file(s).

  6. Save and launch the scan or policy.