Oracle DB Compliance Checks

Plugin ID: 149375

The Oracle DB plugin connects to targets that host Oracle databases. The plugin connects to the target, runs a query against the database, and evaluates the output for specific expressions.

Scan Requirements


The plugin requires Database credentials with the “Database Type” of “Oracle” for scanning.


Tenable recommends running a database compliance scan with a user account having the following permissions or privileges:

  • Oracle:

    • Log in with an account that has SYSDBA access

This ensures thorough scan results and reports because some system or hidden tables and parameters can only be accessed by an account with such high level privileges. These settings were obtained by testing Tenable’s published CIS and DISA STIG audits, which primarily target system databases and tables. Custom audits with user-created databases will require independent testing to achieve maximum results.


All Oracle DB compliance checks must be bracketed with the check type encapsulation and the OracleDB designation. This is required to differentiate .audit files intended specifically for systems running Oracle databases from other types of compliance audits.


   [audit content]


See the following topics to learn more about the Oracle DB plugin:


  • If scans that utilize this plugin are not producing any compliance results, the following items should be checked:

    • Check that the credentials provided to the scan policy work from a remote host using a native SQL client.

    • Check the audit trail for the plugin that test for database login. For Oracle, this would be plugin 91825 - Oracle DB Login Possible.

    • Check the audit trail to see if there is a result for the compliance plugin . For Oracle, this would be plugin 149375 - Oracle DB Compliance Checks.