Agent Scan and Policy Templates

You can use templates to create an agent scan or policy.

In both Nessus Manager and, default templates for agent scans appear in the Agent tab. The manager interface provides brief explanations of each default template.

Note: If you create custom policies for agent scans, those templates appear in the User Defined tab.

The table below briefly describes the settings for the default agent scan templates. You may also have access to special templates.

For a comprehensive explanation of template settings, see the documentation for Nessus Manager or

Agent Templates

Agent templates fall into two categories: Vulnerabilities and Compliance.




Advanced Agent Scan

Note: When you create an agent scan using the Advanced Agent Scan template, you must also select the plugins you want to use for the scan.

Scans without any recommendations.

Basic Agent Scan

Scans systems connected via Nessus Agents.

Malware Scan

Scans for malware on systems connected via Nessus Agents.

Note: See the Application, Malware, and Content Audits video and the Application, Malicious Software, and Content Audits video for more information about scanning for malware in Nessus.

Policy Compliance Auditing

Audits systems connected via Nessus Agents.

SCAP and OVAL Auditing

Audits systems using SCAP and OVAL definitions.