Configure the Performance Mode

Before You Begin

This option appears only when NNM is licensed to run in High Performance mode and the machine running NNM meets the hardware and software requirements for High Performance mode. By default, all instances of NNM run in Standard mode.

NNM must restart when switching between performance modes.

To configure the performance mode:

  1. Click Configuration > NNM Settings.

  2. Under the Performance Mode heading, click the Enable High Performance Mode box to toggle between Yes and No. If you select Yes, continue to step 3. If you select No, continue to step 4.

  3. In the Number of Worker Cores drop-down box, select the appropriate number of worker cores.

    Note: This option cannot be changed when NNM is already running in High Performance mode.

  4. Click the Update button.

    A dialog box appears confirming your selection to change the performance mode.

  5. Click the Confirm button.

    NNM restarts and the login screen appears. When the NNM server resumes, a notification appears indicating whether the configuration change was successful.

    Note: NNM may use a different number of cores than the number you select. Based on system constraints and your selection, NNM selects the closest number of worker cores that it can feasibly support.

  6. Log in to NNM.

    The performance mode updates.