Feed Settings Section

The Feed Settings section allows you to:



Register Offline check box

A check box that allows offline registration of NNM.

Activation Code box

Updates the activation code. The Activation Code only needs to be updated when it expires.

Fetch Plugins From drop-down box

A drop-down box from which you can specify where you wish to fetch plugins. Click Update to fetch the plugins.

Offline Plugin Archive

Uploads plugins to perform offline updates. Choose File to select the file to upload, then click Upload Archive to upload the archive.

Host Address box

A box in which you can specify a custom plugin feed host. Click Update to save the host.

Offline Update

The Offline Update allows a user with administrative privileges to manually update plugins when the NNM host cannot connect to the Internet.

  1. Download the plugin update archive from TenableĀ®.
  2. Click Choose File.
  3. Select the archive tarball to upload.
  4. Click the Upload Archive button to send the file to the NNM host.
  5. Click the Upload Archive button again to update the plugins.
  6. If a new client is part of the update, you must refresh the web browser to see the updated client.

The Custom Plugin Feed host is an alternate feed host. These are typically hosted on a local network to provide custom NNM plugins.

When running Standalone NNM or NNM in High Performance mode as Managed by Tenable.sc or Managed by Tenable.io, you must type an Activation Code before clicking the Update button. The button schedules a plugin update when NNM is running in Standalone mode. Additionally, when registering NNM in Offline mode, you need the Activation Code to obtain the Activation Key.