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Reset a Locked Account

To reset a locked account:

  1. In the command line interface, use the appropriate command for your operating system to delete the hash.lockedout file:

    Operating System



    # rm /opt/nnm/var/nnm/users/<locked account name>/hash.lockedout


    del C:\ProgramData\Tenable\NNM\nnm\users\<locked_account_name>\hash.lockedout


    # rm /Library/NNM/var/nnm/users/<locked account name>/hash.lockedout

    Tip: Alternatively, a user with administrative privileges can navigate to this directory and manually delete the hash.lockedout file.

  2. After deleting the hash.lockedout file, if needed, a user with administrative privileges can follow the steps under Modify a User Account to reset the user's password.

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