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Create a Custom Chart


  1. Click Configuration > Chart Settings > Create Chart.

    The Create Chart window appears.

  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the chart.

    Note: In this example, we are creating a chart that displays the top vulnerabilities for machines reporting associated BitTorrent activity.

  3. In the Description field, enter a description for the chart.
  4. In the Chart Type section, select the type of chart you want to display.

  5. In the Dashboard Family section, enter a numeric value between 1 and 20 that represents the number of items returned for this chart.

  6. Click Top to add the value to the Current Chart Query section.
  7. In the Category section, select a chart category. The selected category determines the type of items displayed on the chart, such as hosts, vulnerabilities, applications, operating systems, or connections.

  8. In the Filters section, configure the options by which you want to filter the results.

    Note: In this example, we are creating a filter based on the Plugin ID 3920. This triggers when BitTorrent client activity is detected.

  9. Click the + button to apply the rule to the chart.
  10. In the Viewable section, select whether you want the chart to be viewable on the main dashboard.

    The configured options look like this:

  11. Click the Create Chart button. The chart appears in the Dashboards section of the Monitoring page.

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