Scan Launch Types

A common issue that causes unnecessary scan time is re-scanning targets unnecessarily. In addition to a full, "standard" scan launch, Tenable Vulnerability Management provides two alternative methods that allow you to use the same scan configuration to scan a smaller subset of targets: custom start scans and rollover scans.

Scan Launch Type Description
Launch (Standard)

When you normally launch a scan, Tenable Vulnerability Management launches the scan configuration for the targets you configured in the scan settings.

For more information, see Launch a Vulnerability Management Scan.

Custom Start

Instead of launching a scan against the targets configured in the scan settings, you can select Custom Start to scan a single target or list of targets. Tenable recommends using this option to test your scan configuration against a smaller number of targets before launching a full scan.

For more information, see Launch a Vulnerability Management Scan.

Launch Rollover

When you launch a rollover scan, the scan runs only against targets that Tenable Vulnerability Management did not scan previously. This happens when a scan ends before scanning all the assigned targets, which happens when:

  • A user manually stops the scan

  • The scan times out due to the Scan Window setting

  • The scanner aborts scan tasks or does not initialize properly

Rollover scans allow you to achieve complete scan coverage for all your assets, and you can use the rollover feature to split up large, network-impacting scans.

For more information, see Launch a Rollover Scan.