Before You Upgrade

Note: A basic understanding of Linux is assumed throughout the installation, upgrade, and removal processes.

Tenable Security Center Upgrade Path

For more information about the upgrade paths to Tenable Security Center version 6.1.x, see the Release Notes.

Java Version Requirements

If you have not installed the Oracle Java JRE or OpenJDK, Tenable Security Center displays the following warning:

[WARNING] SecurityCenter has determined that Oracle Java JRE and OpenJDK is not installed. One of two must be installed for SecurityCenter reporting to function properly.

You must install the latest version of Oracle Java JRE or OpenJDK to take full advantage of reporting.

Halt or Complete Running Jobs

Tenable recommends stopping all running Tenable Security Center processes before beginning an upgrade. If processes are running (for example, Tenable Nessus scans), displays the following message along with the related process names and their PIDs:

SecurityCenter has determined that the following jobs are still running. Please wait a few minutes before performing the upgrade again. This will allow the running jobs to complete their tasks.

Stop the processes manually or retry the upgrade after the processes complete.

Perform a Tenable Security Center Backup

Perform a backup of Tenable Security Center before beginning your upgrade. For more information, see Backup and Restore.

Rename Your Mount Point

If the existing /opt/sc directory is or contains a mount point to another location, rename the mount point. During the RPM upgrade process, a message appears with information about the discovered mount point. Contact your system administrator for assistance.