Resolve and Close a Ticket

Required User Role: Organizational user with appropriate permissions. For more information, see User Roles.

When a ticket is mitigated, you can change the ticket status to Resolved. Once the ticket is resolved, you can change the status to Closed. Tickets in the Resolved or Closed state can always be reopened as needed.

Before you begin:

To resolve a ticket:

  1. Log in to Tenable Security Center via the user interface.

  2. Click Workflow > Tickets.

    The Tickets page appears.

  3. In the table, right-click the row for the ticket you want to resolve.

    The actions menu appears.


    In the table, select the check box for the ticket you want to resolve.

    The available actions appear at the top of the table.

  4. Click Resolve.

    The Resolve Ticket page appears.

  5. Change the status to Resolved. Optionally, you can add notes to provide details of the resolution.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. To close the ticket, click the resolved ticket name and change the status to Closed.

Tenable Security Center updates the ticket status. Resolved tickets still show up in your ticket queue with an Active status. Closing a ticket removes the ticket from the Active status filter view, but does not provide the option to add notes similar to editing a ticket.