Ticket Options

The following options are available when you create or edit a ticket in Tenable Security Center.

Option Description


Name assigned to the ticket.


Descriptive text for the ticket.


Notes for the ticket assignee.


User that the ticket is assigned to.

Note: If the ticket assignee is deleted, the ticket is automatically reassigned to the assignee’s owner along with a notification message indicating that the ticket has been reassigned.

Status (Available during edit)

The following ticket statuses become available after a ticket has been created and are available from the Edit Ticket page:

  • Assigned
  • Resolved
  • More Information
  • Not Applicable
  • Duplicate
  • Closed


The ticket classification: Information, Configuration, Patch, Disable, Firewall, Schedule, IDS, Accept Risk, Recast Risk, Re-scan Request, False Positive, System Probe, External Probe, Investigation Needed, Compromised System, Virus Incident, Bad Credentials, Unauthorized Software, Unauthorized System, Unauthorized User, and Other.

Query Views

Add Query View

Click to choose a query for the ticket assignee to help provide context for coming up with a resolution.