Access Requirements

Your Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus deployment must meet the following requirements.

Internet Requirements

You must have internet access to download Tenable Core files and perform online installs.

After you transfer a file to your machine, internet access requirements to deploy or update Tenable Core vary depending on your environment.

Note: You need to be able to reach to install from the online ISOs (and to get online updates) and to pick up scan jobs.

Environment Tenable Core Format Internet Requirement
Virtual Machine VMware .ova file You do not need internet access to deploy or update Tenable Core.
Microsoft Hyper-V .zip file
Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) n/a Requires internet access to deploy or update Tenable Core.
Cloud Microsoft Azure n/a
Hardware .iso image Requires internet access to install or update Tenable Core.

Tip: You do not need access to the internet when you install updates to Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus via an offline .iso file. For more information, see Update Tenable Core Offline.

Port Requirements

Your Tenable Core deployment requires access to specific ports for inbound and outbound traffic.

Inbound Traffic

Allow inbound traffic to the following ports listed.

Note: Inbound traffic refers to traffic from users configuring Tenable Core, etc.

Port Traffic
TCP 22 Inbound SSH connections.
TCP 8000

Inbound HTTPS communications to the Tenable Core interface.

TCP 8090

Inbound HTTPS communications for restoring backups.

Inbound communications with the file upload server.

TCP 8834 Inbound communications to the Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus interface.

Outbound Traffic

Allow outbound traffic to the following ports listed.

Port Traffic
TCP 22 Outbound SSH connections, including remote storage connections.
TCP 443 Outbound communications to the and servers for system updates.
UDP 53 Outbound DNS communications for Tenable Nessus and Tenable Core.