Configure Tenable Nessus in the Tenable Nessus User Interface

After you deploy Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus and complete the initial configuration tasks, complete the configuration steps for Tenable Nessus.

To configure Tenable Nessus:

  1. Log in to Tenable Core via the user interface, as described in Log In to Tenable Core.

    The Tenable Core web user interface page appears.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Nessus.

    The Nessus page appears.

  3. In the Nessus Installation Info section, next to URLs, click the URL hyperlink.

    The Welcome to Nessus page appears.

  4. Complete the confirmation tasks for your selected Tenable Nessus product, as described in Configure Nessus in the Tenable Nessus User Guide.