Manually Configure a Static IP Address

If you deploy Tenable Core in an environment where DHCP is configured, Tenable Core automatically receives network configurations (including your IP address). If DHCP is not configured, you must manually configure a static IP address in Tenable Core.

For more information about the default NIC configuration in your environment, see  System and License Requirements.

Before you begin:

  • Deploy or install Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus, as described in Deploy or Install Tenable Core.
  • Contact your network administrator and obtain your network's netmask and the IP address for your Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus deployment.

To configure a static IP address manually:

  1. In the command-line interface (CLI) in Tenable Core, type the following to log in as a wizard user:

    tenable-y3u1xwh1 login: wizard
    Password: admin

    A prompt appears asking if you want to configure a static IP address.

  2. Press the y key.

    (Optional) If the prompt does not appear, in the command-line interface (CLI) in Tenable Core, run the following command to access the configuration user interface:

    nmtui edit

    The list of connections page appears.

  3. Select the connection you want to configure.
  4. Press Tab to select <Edit>.

  5. Press Enter.

    The Edit Connection window appears.

  6. In the IPv4 Configuration row, press Tab to select <Automatic>.
  7. Press Enter.
  8. Select <Manual> from the drop-down box.
  9. Press Enter.
  10. Press Tab to select <Show>.
  11. Press Enter.
    More configuration fields appear.

    Note: Type the value for each configuration field as four numbers separated by a period. Refer to the examples for each field.

  12. In the Addresses field, type the IPv4 IP address for your Tenable Core + Tenable Nessus deployment, followed by a forward slash and your netmask.

  13. In the Gateway field, type your gateway IP address.
  14. In the DNS servers field, type your DNS server IP address.
  15. Press Tab to select <Add...>.

    Note: Complete steps 12-15 only if you have more DNS server IP addresses to add. Repeat for each IP address.

  16. Press Enter.
    An empty box appears in the DNS servers row.

  17. In the new row, type your second DNS server IP address.
  18. Select the check the box in the Require IPv4 addressing for this connection row.
  19. Press Tab to select <OK>.

    The list of connections appears.

  20. Press Tab to select <Quit>.
  21. Press Enter.

    You are logged out of the wizard account.

  22. Log into the CLI using the administrator account.
  23. Restart the connection. In the command-line interface (CLI) in Tenable Core, run the following command:

    $ nmcli connection down "Wired connection 1" && nmcli connection up "Wired connection"

    Note: Restarting the connection enables the system to recognize your static IP address. You can reboot the system instead to trigger the response.