Disk Management

You can use the Tenable Core interface to manage some aspects of your Tenable Core machine disk space. Tenable Core uses Linux logical volume management (LVM) for disk management.

Disk management via the Tenable Core interface assumes you understand basic LVM terminology:

  • Volume group — A group of one or more physical volumes.
  • Physical volume — A hard disk, hard disk partition, or RAID unit.
  • Logical volume — A block of space on the volume group sized to mirror several or all of your physical volumes.
  • File system — The file system on the logical volume.
  • Mount point — The location where you mounted the file system in your operating system.

For more information about these concepts, see the general documentation for Linux.

Tenable Core Partitions

Tenable Core deploys with the following preconfigured partitions:

Note: This is not a complete list, but an example of the important partitions in Tenable Core.

  • /boot
  • Swap
  • /
  • /var/log
  • /var/pcap
  • /opt

To add more storage space to Tenable Core (typically, in /opt), add a disk or expand a disk as described in Add or Expand Disk Space.